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Medical Gas Piping


Medical gas supply systems in hospitals, and most other healthcare facilities, are essential for supplying piped oxygennitrous oxidenitrogen/surgical aircarbon dioxideoxygen/nitrous oxide 50/50medical vacuumanaesthetic gas scavenge/waste anesthetic gas disposal and medical air to various parts of the facility.

We At AGS Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd.  design & erect the source equipment systems which are monitored by central/source alarm systems, at the point of supply with multiplexed repeater alarms throughout the facility and for monitoring high and low gas pressure in particular areas such as general ward, operating theatres, ICU/ITU/CCU/NICU, recovery, major treatment rooms, etc. Equipment is connected to the medical gas supply system via station outlets. We ensure the instatllation of emergency gas control area zone service valves are installed in order to prevent contaminated gas going to patient or to stop gas flowing to an area in the event of fire. Valves are positioned at the entrance to all departments and can be accessed via emergency pull out windows.